Wednesday, April 2, 2008

News of Note - 2 April 2008

Louisiana companies hiding from state tax man... Louisiana companies have the 5th highest rate of tax avoidance in the country. Maybe this should figure into our dear government's pro-business agenda. Some companies are paying their fair share, while others bear the burden for the rest.

The School Crotch Inspector. The line between school discipline and child molestation... needs to be tattooed across this sorry excuse for a principal's forehead. I can name a certain FORMER principal of Ben Franklin High School who wished she could get away with this fascist shit.

Oops, another ethnic group riots in China. Same tension between locals and migrating (Manifest Destiny?) Han-Chinese. That idea of the Han Chinese migrating westward in a replication of America's Manifest Destiny would be a very interesting concept to explore over a few beers...

And while we're on the subject of China, China's housing bubble bursts
and The Wheels Fall Off China's Boom. With the potential to knock the wheels off the entire country. China is going to regret having the Olympics. In the meantime, the Chinese army is going to get a workout. One piece of advice to the Chinese government: hire Scott McClellon. I hear he isn't busy. And the press LOVES buying his bullshit. The last 8 years have proven the press (or at least 98% of them) will swallow whatever bullshit you tell them to swallow, so long as you tell it to them in a spiffy way.

SCREW SUSTAINABILITY! Not the article you might think by reading the title. Well worth a read. Thought provoking and makes you think how we got where we are as a species.

How effective is abstinence-only education? Florida sets the bar.

Photos of Al Copeland's Funeral. Monster trucks, motorcycles, cars and boats galore.

Relay-based Computer. Relay-based computer. Instead of transistors, hundreds (thousands?) of automotive relays.

Where Cheney puts his money. Analysis of VP's financial holdings and movings based off his filings. Good place to put your 401(k) money?

10 Most Prophetic SciFi Films. Cool list.

More data beats better algorithm. I've always found the thinking behind computer programming quite useful, even if I'll never write another line of code for the rest of my life.

In Wal-Mart We Trust. Wal-Mart did the most to help those in need during and after Katrina. The article is as much an indictment on FEMA as praise for Wal-Mart, but from my experience, Wal-Mart was ok. I evacuated with a t-shirt, 2 pairs of underwear, and a laptop and not much else, so Wal-Mart was a life saver at the time. I'll give them some props for reopening as fast as they did, too.

You might have already read these, but they're worth highlighting:

Krugman's take on financial "overhaul." Paulson thinks LESS regulation is the answer!?!?

Matt Taibbi tells us the unvarnished truth about the Wright controversy.

Zbigniew Brzezinski writes about the best way to responsibly withdraw from Iraq.

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A Little to the Right said...

That story out of Arizona is absolutely disgusting.

I could name that certain FORMER Ben Franklin principal as well. Some interesting stories I've heard about that one.