Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lord Humongous' Streetcar

Seen on St. Charles:

Looks like one of the streetcars from the collision that was pressed into service with some box steel and plate steel armor. Looks like a cattle pusher.

How'd you like to look out your side mirror and see that barreling down at you? My favorite streetcar driver before the storm used to take his streetcar and gently nudge cars blocking the tracks with the little 4" rubber bumper on the front, all the while screaming, "move that buggy!" I can only imagine the destruction he would reap in this beasty.

Post apocalyptic New Orleans indeed...

UPDATE- And on the way home from work today, a pickup truck decided to pick a fight with a streetcar:

Streetcar vs. Pickup

Streetcar wins.


Dr. Wu said...

Had Tennessee Williams seen that, the play would have been called "A Streetcar Named DESTRUCTION."

Schroeder said...

That's one way to get drivers used to the idea again of having to look for streetcars before they launch across the neutral ground. Good photo!

I'll say as well that Chinese engineering piece was pretty interesting -- and unfortunate.

Varg said...

I can't think of anythiong more appropriate for post-apocalypse New Orleans.

Also, about that driver. He HAS to be the same guy that used to entertain me back in 1997 by hollering, "Watch that wagon! Watch that Wagon!" and "Next stop Touro Infirmary, the home of the living dead!" Then at stoplights he would read little prayer books.

Clay said...

Varg: That's the one.