Saturday, November 8, 2008

News of Note - 8 November '08

America's actions Tuesday summed up in this photo set.

Proposition 8 passed in California. Mormons donated heavily to its defeat, so they should worry about the Governator launching an invasion of Utah. Gays are pissed and will boycott Mormon businesses.

I like this Op-Ed from the SLC Tribune: What's more harmful to society - two well-dressed men getting married and settling down, or two idiots tying the knot and cranking out any number of additional idiots?

Remember all of those unruly protesters at the DNC in Denver? Well, turns out a bunch of them were undercover cops. Don't worry. The Agent Provocateur undercover cops got pepper sprayed by cops in riot gear

This is some of my coworkers:
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Between Obama and Nick Saban, they're going to need some Prozac.

Georgia committed widespread atrocities against the Ossetians and Russians during the Ossetian War.

In Somalia, Islamic Millitants stoned a 13 year old rape victim to death in front of hundreds while she begging for her life. Chilling description from the BBC.

In New Orleans, the Facility Master Plan for NOPS was passed. Only one board member voted against it. For more, check out Eli.

Lee Zurick takes on Trashanova. Trashanova strikes again. Now dumping raw sewerage on St. Bernard.

Nagin's non-endorsement endorsement of Dollar Bill.

End on a happy note: Otto the Octopus gets annoyed with bright lights.

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