Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bush Visits Iraq for "Victory Lap"

What's that about squares being named after him? [Video] Story here.

Also: Who throws a shoe?

UPDATE- Great GIF: I'm sick of that .gif now

UPDATE 2- Full, unedited video with more context. Bush had just finished claiming "victory" in Iraq before the shoe flew over his head.

UPDATE 3- And for his trouble, the shoe-thrower gets tortured like one of Uday's soccer players.

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Lisa Paul said...

Got a meme award yesterday that I was supposed to pass along to eight other bloggers. Instead, I decided to point my readers to eight NOLA bloggers that I’ve been silently reading for awhile now.

Thanks for your interesting posts and for keeping NOLA front and center, in a personal way, for those of us who only see the city through the occasional news story. My post here