Sunday, May 17, 2009

Project Truck Update: Driving Around Edition

As I was driving down St. Charles, took out my camera and took a couple of quick movies. It will give you an idea of how loud the engine is and how rattly the truck is when going over bumps.

Driving by Audubon Park:

Also note the plethora of inoperable gauges.

Going over some bumps and accelerating:


Tim said...


Well, done, sir. I imagine you feel like you've just given birth. Still lots to do I'm sure (it does sound like a lawnmower on the video) but you have much to be proud of from your work so far.

You say it's parked on the street--you do have The Club on it, don't you?



Charlotte aka TM said...

Woo Hoo! Was this the maiden voyage? Was Candace there?

Clay said...

It was used to move out of the Quarter, too:

Candice followed in her car. Didn't have time to install a second seat belt. She ran interference with the fuzz. She was the Bandit to my Smokey.

No club right now. It's anti theft deterrent is being old, rust, and a choke-less carburetor.

dr. wu said...

Alright, yuppies, let's see your BMW make a glorious sound like THAT.


MAD said...

I hate noisy cars. How 'bout investing in a good muffler.

Derrick Trucks said...

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