Friday, September 18, 2009

"Nondislocated Fracture of the Distal Fibula"

I made it to 25 years old before I had my first broken bone. We were planning on going to Herbsaint tonight and we're going anyway, broken ankle be damned.

UPDATE- Went to Herbsaint. Had a hell of a meal. We did the French tasting menu. It consisted of a salt cod/potato/frisee/lobster dish that was fantastic. The Trout Almondine was completely different from any other dish I've ever had in New Orleans. Instead of the traditional Creole Almondine, with its heavy, creamy sauce, this was very light. It almost wasn't there and it added a lot to the dish. The Ratatouille was good, but I like my version a little better. The point of the tasting menu was to do the dishes like they do in the South of France. I love stinky cheeses, but the blue cheese that was selected was too much for me. It tasted like gym sock. Desert more than made up for it, though. It was a "Breton Butter Cake" (think about a croissant, covered in even more butter, turned into a cake). Delicious.

Staff was also pretty cool about the crutches and all. Great service. Great sazerac, as usual.


Editilla the Pun said...

You are older than 25 Getouttaheah!
30 at least!
So may we assume your and Timmy's floodgate argument progressed along predictable lines?
Sorry, just kidding to hide the wincing.
May I recommend you massage regularly your calf above the caste closer to the knee, and then around the muscle connections just above the knees... remember: blood flows down the inside of the leg and up the outside so go wit'da flow.
This will help shorten the bone's healing time.
Also make sure you are eating Good oils and greens and such... blood food.
Sorry to see the caste but... no fleur?

Get betta and take it easy, Noble Dishu. We need your ass-kicking machinery in working order.

candice said...

Clay is a greens junkie - so that part is no problem at all. My mom even sent me back with some fresh brussels sprouts for him the other day.

If either one of us could draw a reasonable fleur-de-lis it might have one... That might need to wait until his mom the art teacher sees it.