Sunday, December 6, 2009

Internet recipes

Candice and I cook a lot. If you were born and raised in New Orleans, you love good food and you like to cook, whether you're a man or a woman. Sometimes, no matter what cookbooks you have, you have to scour the internet for additional ideas and here are some that worked out well. Both recipes also made a lot, but cut down nicely. I tend to be the food photographer, so here are a few photogenic things that I've whipped up in the kitchen from recipes found on the internet.

Paprika Home Fries
Home Fries with Paprika
Recipe from All Recipes
This is a nice one to fix while you're doing lots of things at once, because it'll stop you from moving around the fries in the pan too much. The keys to this dish are Hungarian Sweet Paprika and adding the butter to the potato in stages. The potatoes can absorb almost infinite quantities of butter if you add it all at once and then you'll burn the fries.

Roasted Radishes and Greens
Roasted Radishes and Greens
Recipe from Food and Wine
I love bitter greens. We've been picking up the boxes from the Hollygrove Market. It's a CSA-style setup, so you don't get to pick what you get and it takes a bit of creativity to use all that you are given. What the hell are you supposed to do with radishes? We were hunting and hunting around for how to use radishes (other than raw in salad). Candice found this one and I liked it. The bigger radishes were a little on the bitter side, which is fine by me, but Candice thought we could have cut the bitterness with sugar. The small ones were delicious, though. I suppose if you wanted, you could just use the ones that are about the size of your thumb and put the bigger ones in something else. They keys to the dish are SALT (breaks down the radishes and complements the bitterness nicely) and cooking the hell out of the greens once they're put into the pan. If you use the stalks of the greens, don't forget to chop the stalks into small pieces and put them in before the leaves, because they take a bit longer to cook.

UPDATE- Here's the green mashed potatoes before they went in the oven (none after- they were consumed too quickly):

Greens and Mashed Potatoes



looks good.

try it with sweet potatos.

they are at their peak right now.


that second dish is a winner.

don't be afraid to add a little pork and less salt.

Good recipe 4 road kill said...

my lady is generally an awesome cook. A few days ago she told me she was going to make wienerschnitzel. As we were getting dinner plated up tonight she told me that we are invited to some friends on Christmas Eve and the serve wienerschnitzel. Tonight's dineer was the first 100% flop in the 9 years we have been together. I think I'll become a lacto-ovo-vegetarians during the main course. I hope they've got eggnog.

candice said...

@Gentilly yard art: We might have been temporarily out of bacon at that point? Can't remember right now. That has been resolved.

It has been greens-fest around here the last three days. Mustard, turnip and radish. The mustards got bacon, the turnip greens got blanched, mixed with potatoes and olive oil and baked - clay made that while I was at ballet tonight.

lots of sweet potatoes go through this house, usually either sliced and roasted or mashed, or mashed with turnips.

Clay said...

Here's the Green Mashed Potatoes recipe from the Minimalist Candice mentioned:

Jonas said...

Hmm...I'd recommend both these recipes to the women of Lakeview boot camp.