Sunday, March 7, 2010

Project Truck Update: Getting all dolled up Edition

When we last left off, Patches still had a blown exhaust gasket. Well, we're finally past Saints in the Superbowl, Mardi Gras, bad weather, and all, so today it was back to work.
If you can get the wrong size gasket, you will
It took a little while to get everything pulled together. The first trip of NAPA left me with the wrong sized gasket. When it's possible to get the wrong size gasket, you will and then you'll find NAPA is closed. That was me a couple of weeks ago. Today, though, I had the right gasket.
Got the whole exhaust attached. Not too many photos of the process. It was a lot of grunting and torquing and yelling and grease and grime and sweat. In other words, fun!
Exaust w/Hangers
I had some help from Steven and we got everything back in place and replaced all the exhaust U-Bolts.

Patches is now even relatively quiet!
Also gave Patches a nice new coat of paint on the hood.
Patches getting ready for her big day
Patches will (weather permitting) make an appearance at the wedding (now less than 3 weeks away). We have to have her looking her best. Candice has been getting ideas on how to dress Patches up...


GentillyGirl said...

Tres kewl Darlin'!


most folks who get married at a young age dont get it.

youse guys do.

it's allways a kick for an old fart like myself to see a young couple with old souls.

enjoy the next 50 years together yall.

candice said...

we're not exactly at a young age... I'm ten years older than my mom was when my parents got married.

But thanks. :) And there will probably be pictures of bridesmaids with ribbons attacking the truck.