Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rising Tide Recaps

I'll add more as they come, but here's a couple from

'Treme' creator David Simon says New Orleans may have something to learn from Baltimore. Congratulations all you "young journalists" out there. (Also: slightly different wording on the Mobile version of the article). I also missed the first half of Simon's speech (desperately in need of caffeine), so I was trying to reconstruct exactly what he said from others and it was about 50/50 'nice points'/'Simon is a douchebag'.
David Simon
Gambit article on Rising Tide.

NOLA Femmes recap.

First Draft's Liveblogging here.

Maitri's favorite photo

Huck Upchuck: Busy Day

Cliff: 7 Years in Blogger Land and I'm still here.

B2L2: We Have A Winnah


sussah said...

This was my first year attending the Rising Tide conference, and I am glad I went to it. Simon's most thought-provoking point, I thought, was that an outsider could possibly get Katrina more "right" than those personally affected-- I'm not sure I agree, but this was his defensive way of saying stop criticizing for inaccurate details. I love to watch Treme, but there is something not perfectly comfortable about being the subject of historical fiction. Your live post on the oil spill discussion was great. thanks, sp

Clay said...

More recaps below: