Monday, May 21, 2007

Our Mugabe

I was reading this article about Mugabe and couldn't help but think about the parallels to Nagin. Some thought he was a 'bidness man.' Guess what, That's a forgery. He's run the city into ruinous debt. The "Suck Index" measures factors that are not just bad, but are at the bottom of the barrel. And, (if you read the end of Clancy DuBose's article), THERE ARE STILL PEOPLE WHO APPROVE OF NAGIN!!! 15% of whites and 51% (! I want to cry !) of blacks still APPROVE of the job he's doing. NOOOOO!!!

Some odds and ends to tack on:
Touching story about a death of a Katrina Exile. Written up in the Times-Pic. You've got to wonder how many stories like this are out there.

Blakely to New Orleans: STOP FUCKING! via NolaFugees.

Louisiana Learns Highest Bid doesn't always Win. There are more important things, like education, a reasonable taxation system, and low electricity prices that are also factors. They're spending HUGE amounts of money to build their plant in a less accessible part of Alabama, but it's a better business decision in the long run. I've heard Blanco was trying to pull this deal off to give her a chance to throw her hat back into the ring for reelection. Oops.

Harry gets it right. About bias, "templates," and Katrina coverage. Read through some of the comments, too. I've started to really notice the bias in the mainstream media (whatever term you like). Not necessarily liberal or conservative. Just bias. There are certain stories that just get left out. Details that get twisted... There are too many stories to start giving examples. The bias in the media (along with refusing to underwrite shitty programming of 100 out of 120 channels I get) will be a big reason why I'll probably ditch cable in a few months.

Anyway, that's it for now. Soon, I'll do a crime mapping update. I had a nasty summer cold recently, so I didn't feel like doing much. I'll see about getting caught up. There's so much crime, it's hard to keep up. I told you the summer was going to be when crime spiked. It always does.

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