Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Trip to Mars

Well, not that Mars. I'm talking about the Mars Platform. It's a big platform about 190 miles south of New Orleans. It's a hive of activity. I had some work to do out there. I stayed out there for 2 days and on the return flight, I brought a disposable camera along. Here are some of the photos I took.

This trip, I flew back in a Eurocopter EC-135. It's a tiny little helo that's mainly used for emergencies (medical, supplies, people, etc.). I usually fly in on one of the big helos (like the Bell 214). I like the Bell 214. It's so stable it feels like the earth is being lifted up with the helicopter. It's so big, it holds 17 passengers and the only reason it's not more is FAA regulations require a stewardess for any more. Because of it's size, it's my favorite helicopter to fly out on. The Eurocopter, not so much. It's not that bad, but you do get a little queasy. I also made the situation worse by waiting on the helicopter in the galley (sort of like hanging out in Galatoire's kitchen before going on a Tilt-a-whirl). Not fun.

Strapped in and ready for takeoff.

More of that great view. It was a little hazy that day, so you can't see the horizon like you normally can.

Algae on the water. I'm not 100% sure, but I think this is red algae in the Dead Zone. If someone can confirm this for me, I'd appreciate it.

The Shelf. After a while, the waters get shallow. That's when you hit the shelf. It's the shallow water closer to shore. The water just changes color instantly. I'm not sure how much of the color change is due to the depth and how much is attributable to silt from the Mississippi River, but it's amazing to see the water change so quickly.

The second half of the images will come shortly. If you want to see higher quality photos, please check this link out. Also, now that I've got things sort of figured out, the rest of the photos shouldn't take nearly as long.

UPDATE- Fixed it. Now, I just hope it stays fixed.


Clay said...

Dammit, the photos keep acting "cute." I'll fix it.

TravelingMermaid said...

You're really good at explaining....
I enjoyed these posts - informative and interesting and different. It's also cool for me to see areas my husband talks about offshore.
Keep up the good work.