Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How to Undo Propaganda

Scene 1:

A few weeks ago, one draftsman was griping to another draftsman about how he just read in his email Obama is a Muslim and was sworn in on the Koran. Young engineer overhears, pokes head over cubicle and doesn't say anything but gives a scowl that would intimidate Darth Vader.

Scene 2:

Young engineer gets subscription to Time months ago on a whim. Paid for whole year and is too lazy to cancel subscription, so issues pile up. Engineer gathers a stack of magazines a few inches thick and takes them to work and leaves them in the break room in order to clean up apartment.

Scene 3:

Draftsman from Scene 1 is sitting in draftsman reading Time's cover story "Raising Obama." Young engineer notices and thinks, Mission Accomplished.

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