Saturday, May 24, 2008

Meet Tomato

Hello. My name is Tomato.

Well, I've added another pony to the stable. This one is a '95 Honda Del Sol. Here's a great photo from Honda.

The Del Sol (also called the Civic Del Sol or CRX Del Sol) is a 2-seat skateboard with a targa-top.

The top is made of aluminum and weighs around 30 pounds and fits in a cradle in the trunk. It's not as convenient as most convertibles, but it will do.

When you look up, nothing but sky

I've been learning to drive stick. I've known how for a while, but I've been getting better and better driving the Del Sol around regularly.

Honda D Engine. Efficient and Reliable. Zippy if well handled.

The engine is a 1.5 Liter non-VTEC Honda D engine. It's only 100 hp or so, but it redlines at 7,000+ rpm and powers a car that only weighs 2,300 lbs or so. For comparison, a truck will weigh between 5,000 and 6,000 lbs. A Prius weighs 2,900 lbs. The engineering rule of thumb is ever time you double your weight, you need to quadruple your horsepower. Even with reving the hell out of the engine while learning to drive stick, I'm sure I'm getting at least in the low 30's for mpg.

Tomato barely reaches the top of the tailgate of the truck.

Tomato is very low to the ground with stiff suspension. It doesn't make for the most comfortable ride, but it can take a corner like nobody's business.

The car has taken some abuse over the years, but it's solid and will now be well taken care of. Since it's so light, I might convert it to an electric car a few years down the road.

UPDATE- Well, I've been trying to de-rice this car and it's coming along slowly but surely. The car would be in fantastic shape if the previous owner had just left it stock. It's got new tires and rims and it's getting much cleaner.

A little wax and some elbow grease and look how it's coming along:

For my first tank of gas, with almost exclusively city driving and a right foot made of depleted uranium, I got 28 miles per gallon. Not too shabby for still learning to drive stick.


mominem said...

I have a '93 Del Sol S I bought new. It's blue, completely stock.

I'm thinking of adding rice.

BTW the wheels you sport aren't stock.

Clay said...

I know. The rims the previous owner put on it were too thick. There were only 3 threads in on 4-lug wheels. I drove across the Causeway like that where all 4 wheels could have come flying off! I got new rims and wheels on the Northshore and didn't worry during the drive back.

There are a few things that you can do to them without making them hideous. Just bypass the old English lettering and 747 wings.

Aubergine said...

I love our Del Sol. When we purchased it new in '93 it was $13,000. We have spent little over the years on maintenance and it runs great still!! I think you will enjoy your Del Sol as well.