Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Cao may be one of few to break Republican ranks on stimulus "Steve Scalise doesn't know kung fu. I know kung fu. He can't whip me." Hmmm...

In one particularly vivid demonstration, Joseph Cao, the new Republican congressman from New Orleans, told reporters he was "leaning yes." Then, as Politico reported, "the party's chief deputy whip . . . stood near Cao during the entire vote" -- until, in the final minutes, he voted no. This was, I suspect, bad for Cao, whose district is overwhelmingly Democratic, but good -- in the short term, anyway -- for his party.

I guess Kevin McCarthy must know jujitsu...

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Tim said...

As if!

Of course he voted with the Republicans--he's a Republican! They paid his way to get in! He needs them if he's going to have a snowball's chance to get even one thing done before the next election and he needs them to bankroll his bid for re-election.

Cao says he knows Kung-fu? Well perhaps he thinks Kung-fu is Chinese for "Yes, boss!"