Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Matt McBride's latest letter regarding the Corps

Yet again, permanent pump stations delayed

Dear New Orleanians,

Just about three weeks ago, at the January 22nd Permanent Pump Stations Industry Day presentation, the Corps told contractors and the public that they would be awarding the design-build contract for the lakefront permanent pump stations in the first quarter of 2010. One can see it on page 26 of the slides shown at that presentation:


It was also on a list of future contracts, issued less than two weeks ago on January 30th (see bottom of page 6):


Now, on a contracts page that is updated more frequently than the PDF version above, the date of contract issuance has been quietly moved back yet another quarter, to the second quarter of 2010. Scroll down to the very bottom of the main Corps hurricane protection contracts page to see the date for contract PCCP-01:


Or click here for a direct link to the permanent pump station contract page:


Both pages - revised on February 5, 2009 - have the second quarter of 2010 as the contract issuance date.

This is how the Corps subtly moves the goalposts without making a stir. And before long, projects are pushed back so far it seems like they will never be built. Will they ever explain this latest delay? I doubt it.

Matt McBride

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eporter said...

Don't know if this applies to this one instance, but remember that Obama/Biden promised to ensure that full competition was in play for all potential government contracts.

I wonder how quick the Corps or any federal agency is when building anything in LA. I live in VA now, and compared to LA, everything seems to get build/finished within a few years of the plans...not like in LA when you are lucky to see something in place after the plans went in over 30 years ago.