Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mayor's Office of Technology

Getting confused about the whole crime camera shenanigans? Need a diagram to keep things straight?

I'm working on it. Here's a sample of what I've got started. If anyone is curious for more, let me know.


E said...

This will definitely be useful especially if you're able to web outward to the different contractors, etc. I'd definitely encourage you to keep going.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please do keep going, all the way to the end. Would somebody, somewhere, please get to the nitty-gritty here, the real essense of what's going on? According tto WDSU, WWL TV, and the TP, and other generally/publicly available information, we have:

1. Zurich sends in request;

2. Maybe 2 or so hours later allegedly Washington sends her request to White, though it's addressed to the head of City IT.

3. There is NO WAY White sends out 3 years of Council emails, and Jeffrey Thomas's by the way, WITHOUT checking with the mayor first.

4. There is NO WAY, even presuming what the mayor says about server space to be true (which everyone knows is FALSE) that a person in IT would, of all people's, delete the mayor's exchange emails without first checking with the Mayor himself.

5. Fact: Jacques Morial is a colleague and co-director of Washington's at LJI.

6. Fact: the address of the other records requester, Tionne Simon, which is 201 St. Charles (Place St. Charles), was at least on one occasion shown as the address for LIFE, the well known Morial organization. Possibly different suite number, BUT the registrar for LIFE's state elections division filing? Jacques Morial.

6. The people in IT are also inherently tied in with Meffert's group and at least one of them, Michael LaFrance, has working for him while also working for the City. The people deleting and delivering the emails are also people being investigated for self-dealing.

7. The people targeted by the release of the emails - Head, Midura, Fielkow - are also the people most intensely exposing the facts behind technology (311, crime cameras, wifi) contracts and trash contracts. Contracts held by Nagin's closest cohorts (Meffert & Pals, Jimmy Woods, etc.).

Folks, when are people just going to stop calling Nagin "crazy" and start calling him responsible for ALL of this? As in Nagin not only KNEW about the deletions and email deliveries, he ORDERED THEM.