Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Links of the day - 3 March 2009

PennyMac opens for business. "Sort Of Like The Arsonist Who Sets Fire To The House And Then Buys Up The Charred Remains And Resells It" Screw up CDO's and then get to profit off taxpayer bailouts.

Toyota asks Japanese government for 200 Billion Yen Bailout. This a HUGE story that nobody is picking up on. It's only about $2 Billion USD, but this is just the beginning. Given the huge amount of government support that Toyota gets and Japanese cultural values, this is hugely embarrassing. If you read through the details, Toyota is trying to downplay the situation and save face as much as possible. What's that Senators Corker and Shelby?

Toyota just can't build cars to keep up with the Domestics. They've been struggling for YEARS. They insist upon their antiquated business structure to reap profit from sub-standard cars. They need to focus on more fuel efficient vehicles. Enough with all their sports cars! Toyota just really needs some decent cars right now. Oh, and they really need to consolidate their brands and dealer network. End the struggling Lexus and Scion brands. I can't stand Toyota. Let them die. They need to learn from their lessons. This has been coming for a long time.

Finally GM can be on top again.

Open wide for those feet Senators.

'CNBC Teabagger takes legal department butt plug all the way in, cancels Daily Show appearance, issues groveling apology.' I love the Exiled.

13 year old allegedly kills 16 y.o. brother to take over drug ring. So many fucked up things about that headline.

Pastor John Raphael believes the solution to stem violence in New Orleans must come from within African American community. Pastor Raphael is an ex-NOPD cop and truly believes in empowering those who most have written off and giving them a reason to live.

Dallas levees structurally deficient. Could George W. Bush end up on a rooftop begging for FEMA help? (H/T Greg)

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