Saturday, April 18, 2009

Project Truck Update: Gas Gauge and Locks

Did some more stuff on the truck today.
The old gas gauge is busted, so I decided to replace it. I've had the replacement for a while, but I've never gotten replacement screws (because I don't want to leave one out while I go for a replacement - hence leaving an opening in the gas tank).
Lots of mini-projects going on at once in the cab.
Nice & shiny new gas gauge. I'll connect it to the dash when I rewire the truck. The wire in the photo is just the ground wire.

The next task was filing down the replacement locks to match the dimensions on the OEM locks.
Set up shop in my grandfather's old shop.
Half filed
Marked off how much I wanted to cut and then went to work with a file.

Eventually got one filed down enough and installed.
Got it on the truck, but for some reason it doesn't completely work. It hits the paddle of the lock, but it doesn't disengage the lock. Need to figure out what's up. I still have a spare lock mechanism (the door part, not the key/tumbler part) if I need to replace it.

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