Friday, April 10, 2009

Project Truck Update: Passenger Door Internals

When I last left off on the truck, I was about to put on the passenger door after painting it that nice red and white.

Well, now the door is on:

I've gotten almost all the internals on the door:
Door with internals
The window goes up and down with ease! Still having some issues with the locks and the exterior door handles. I'll try to resolve those soon.

I'd like to get the truck running well enough that I could leave it on the street where I live, instead of going all the way back to my mom's house when I want to work on it. Maybe even, heaven forbid, USE the truck to haul things again.

Before I do that, I'd still like to (at the very least) put a coat of topcoat on the roof, replace the wiring, and get the locks in.

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