Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iran Going for the Gold

Iran seizes Nobel Prize. You know, there's one other time when someone tried to steal a Nobel prize. The Nazi's desperately needed gold for the war effort and went hunting around the Neils Bohr Institute, but all they could find were jars of chemicals. An enterprising young physicist dissolved the gold medals in Aqua Regia. The gold was precipitated out and recast after the war. Note to the Iranians: you don't want to have lists of things in common with the Nazi's. Don't know about the Nazi's? Well, I'm sure David Duke would be happy to enlighten you:

David Duke and his brah Mahmoud Ahmadinejad


Leigh C. said...

The Iranians on government and under Khamenei are really doing their best to burn their bridges. Such a damned shame they have to do this with one of their biggest symbols of hope for reform within.

Guess you've read this as well:

Anonymous said...

The current Iranian government has done the best to protect the country from enemies. They soon will be the super power like they use to be in many fields. Say NO to NWO and Globalism led by Illuminati Western thugs.