Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"A Royal Dicksmack"

And I'm not just referring to what the Saints did to the Falcons last night.

Here's the video for full review and for handy lambasting at a later date.

Part I:

Part II:

WWL has a bit better rundown than the paper.

Title here. H/T AZ. He also has more details on Nagin's first choice for Recovery Czar, Greg Meffert's recent troubles and Nixonian responses. Meffert's arrogance is going to cost him big time.


Pistolette said...

I don't think he's entirely off his rocker. We're doing something wrong to bring out the worst in all these folks. But I do think it is more like HE who is the lazy one.

Clay said...

Blakely is a moron and he's shown that to the world. If he ever happens to stumble upon some basic fact, well, even a broken clock is...