Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wedding Photos are in...

(picture courtesy Tiffany Coker)

We went on a walk through the Garden District at sunset after the wedding. We got some great photos. This is my favorite.


Leigh C. said...

That is too, too cute. And very sweet.

Frolic said...

What a great photo.

Clay said...


The photographer's name is Tiffany Coker. This is her blog:


lord mercy.

yall were born for each other.

hoping i live long enough to know yall as an elderly couple.

yall will be one of those blessed older couples who are still as in love as the day they married.

now go make some cute ass baby engineers, cooks, and future coast rebuilders.

it does my heart good to see this in such a rough week.

yall take care of each other and enjoy the journey.

Maitri said...

Nerds in love. Warms the cold, emotionless slide rule and motherboard in my heart. Good luck, BSDishus!

Ryan Waldron said...

Great pic. will y'all be posting more?

candice said...

Yes we'll be posting more, whenever I get around to figuring out proper gallery software that doesn't suck.

Tim said...

You know what they say: A picture is worth a thousand kisses.