Sunday, December 5, 2010

Alvin's last journey

To the area around the final resting place of the Deepwater Horizon...


Leigh C. said...

Hey, you've facelifted your blog, too! Sweeet.

Peripatetic Engineer said...

Oh dear, more "science" supporting the "oil is bad" theory. Of course, we all know t ere was already a big "dead zone" in the Gulf before the Macondo blowout, but there is no mention of it. And the oil looks to be "this thick" using the scientific method of finger gap measuring. How about some grab samples you dummy! How about some cores? How about some real science instead of a joy ride for some bozo reporter?

Clay said...

Granted, the journalists aren't great at technical nuance, but there's a bid difference between "oil is bad" vs. "blowouts are bad." BP fucked up big time and the oyster beds, etc. are paying the price.

There will be some serious, peer-reviewed scientific papers in another few months. It takes time to do real science.

All that being said, I'm confident that eventually things will recover. From past blowouts (Bay Marchand, Ixtoc) it took 2-3 years for a full recovery.

Anonymous said...

yo clay. as an engineer what is your take on my take?

from what i have read the state flooded the brackish waters with fresh water from the diversions to keep the oil out of the beds.

take the short hit for the big picture future.

all the fresh water is full of nutrients from farms up river that feeds the bloom or dead zone.

it was the lesser of two evils and could have our oyster beds come back sooner.

a big part of it is b.p.'s fault but it also exposes the reason we need a national policy towards farming that doesnt fuck up the gulf so much.

am i hitting on anything real here or am i just buying into some dumb ass hippie shit.

thanks for your take.


Clay said...

That's a pretty good summary. BP has fucked up, but there's all sorts of damage that being the nation's toiletbowl has created. Fucking corn-ethanol is a big reason why.

Anonymous said...

we are the the "nations toilet bowl".

at least our shit dont stank.

i hearby give you full trademark to this in exchange for 2 dirty coast t-shirts.

run with it sir.

so when are the test results in?

Clay said...

Test results are in any day now.

For now still waiting.