Monday, January 22, 2007

Murder rate

A lot of people have been asking about the murder rate.

Here's my tabulation, through 10 PM January 22nd:

Jefferson Parish:
3 (1 in Kenner, 2 in West Jeff)

Orleans Parish:
1 in the Black Pearl
1 in Hollygrove
1 in Lower Garden District
3 in Mid City
4 in Central City
1 in the Iberville Housing Project
2 in Marigny
1 in 7th Ward
2 in 9th Ward

Orleans total: 16

Other deadly incidents:
Robber shot and killed in NO East
Fetuses found in sewer line (I'm not making this up...)
Body dump in Lower 9th Ward that was tacked on to last year's total

There's also a rumor floating around NOPD shot a guy near MLK and Claiborne a few days ago and used their cell phones to keep it off the police bands (and away from the media's prying eyes). If it did indeed happen, I don't agree with it, but I understand why they called it in that way.

I'm sure if you ask Warren Riley, he'll say that there have been no murder in New Orleans in 2007. He'll say it's a media conspiracy. It's really spontanious explosions of heads and chests resulting from eating too much fatty food. Damn you, media! Why won't you warn people about the dangers of spontaneous human explosion!!!

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