Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nola Crime Mapping - Preparing for tomorrow's march

Well, it's been a busy year in Noladishu. Murders, shootings, and stabbings galore! The red crosses are murders, the yellow exclamation points are shootings or stabbings, the police shields are major crimes, and the houses are break ins. I'm trying something new, too. I'm trying to put descriptions of suspects in neighborhoods with crime trends.

Downtown has been especially dangerous; several shootings on Bourbon and in Treme. One small problem, though. Some of my sources of information are getting tight. I leaned on cops posting on's Crime and Safety forum and PANO's message board. I think the NOPD brass is trying to clamp down on disgruntled cops slipping messages out into the community. SHOOT THE MESSENGER! That's their philosophy, especially when the heat is on.

Go to tomorrow's rally and let the politicians know how you feel.

.KMZ File hosted on Rapidshare

BTW- Does anyone know a better way to post files for download than Rapidshare? Please let me know.

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Scott said...

I can host it on if you want. I have a server that I manage that has relatively fast access. You can contact me at scott dot harney at gmail dot com .

Does the .kmz update automatically? (I don't even know if that's how they work) If not, you can just email updates to me and I'll replace the file as you update.