Monday, January 8, 2007

Nola Against Crime

Went to the meeting in the Marigny yesterday. There was quite a turnout. Unfortunately, I couldn't get inside because of the crowd, but the day was not wasted. I believe just showing up was important.

Bumped into a fellow Ben Franklin High School grad. Anytime there's any sort of community action in New Orleans, there's sure to be at least one Ben Franklin grad involved.

I also got a chance to show off my crime mapping. One interesting thing was I took down a police report that, according to the guy I talked to, the NOPD refused to take. Here's what gets me: the criminal has a similar modus operandi to the Helen Hill murderer. This could be the description of the Helen Hill murderer!!! The NOPD didn't take the police report, so it's up to little old me.

Here is exactly as I wrote it down:

4121 Dauphine

6 jan 2007

9:07 AM

Attempted Home Invasion

He was 6'2", slim build, light completion african American, looked like snoop dog, black teardrop tattoo under right eye, red t-shirt, black pants, blue baseball cap


"I was looking for Mr. Joe"

Went up Maizant, hung a left or right on Burgundy (went towards CBD)

On foot

(Taken manually at Crime Forum- Sunday)

Please pardon my shorthand. I could lengthen the description, but I wanted to keep it true to source. Very detailed description of the criminal.

I noticed from talking to several people there that there have been several attempted home invasions in the Marigny recently with similar MO's to the Helen Hill murder. Hmm, could there be a connection?


Editor B said...

I'll be damned.

G Bitch said...

Wow. This is part of the problem--police "not taking" a report of an attempted crime. Could this be why they are clueless/helpless as far as prevention.

Damn, I'm a Ben F. grad, too.