Saturday, February 24, 2007

Mardi Gras Crime Wave

Here's a map of the "Mardi Gras Crime Wave of 2007." This is only a partial list. There are 2 shootings Ash Wednesday that aren't included. Also, there was a shooting outside Ampersand Monday that isn't in there because I couldn't find a news article. Ampersand is a sort of yuppie bar near One Shell Square in the CBD. Despite the beliefs of some, crime doesn't go down during Mardi Gras. If anything, it goes up. The REPORTING of crime goes WAY down. 'Dear God, we can't let these tourists see how bad the problem is, otherwise they'd never return.' Shoot the messenger. That's the traditional Louisiana solution to any problem.

Pass near the area under I-10 on Claiborne near Canal after dark and tell me you aren't scared for your life. It's Woodstock for thugs and rival gangs. There were shooting victims in the double digits in that area.

Here's the KMZ file that goes along with just the Mardi Gras Crime Wave. Note- The yellow pins are shootings. The red pins are murders. The numbers are the number of victims.

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