Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Worst Job in the World

On an episode American Gangster, they interviewed a gang member (Crips I think). He told the story of how the leader of the gang once raped him, just to prove who was top dog.

On Bastards of the Party, Cle Sloan was under no illusions on what went on in a gang. He went into detail about how gang members call everyone "Nigga" instead of "Brotha," because killing a "Nigga" is a whole lot easier than killing a "Brotha." You know it's wrong to kill your brother, but nobody cares about the other one.

Two Questions:

If BET were to start running regular commercials on how shitty the lives of most drug dealers are, what effect do YOU think it would have?

There are some sick fucks in gangs, but there are also some who are just doing what they need to to survive and reach a high level because they're pretty sharp. The kingpins of drug schemes are some of the most talented people in the urban core. If one could harness the creative talents on the most gifted black urban youths towards something positive (say, the reconstruction of New Orleans), what do you think could be achieved?

BTW, I recommend Freakonomics to anyone who's interested in looking at things from a fresh perspective.

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