Thursday, February 8, 2007

Mom of the Year

Mom of the Year. In hell, at least...

My mom is a public school teacher with over 30 years under her belt. I talked to her about this story. She said that that mom's behavior is common amongst 70-80% parents at the worst schools. She's had students whose moms sent them to school with knives. There's nothing emptier than a bad public school on Parent-Teacher Conference day.

Some of the poor kids' upbringing is worse than if they were raised by wolves. The parents pollute their minds. They convince the kids they don't need to work. They just need have a baby out of wedlock and get on welfare. She said that those kids are unteachable and almost hopeless by age 7.

Fucked up...

I hope Vanessa Johnson gets the needle.

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Vincent O. Moh said...

NOPS needs to open a sweatshop - it could make garments or toys - something - If a parent or a student displays a consistent, serious bad-faith pattern of conduct they are misusing district resources and the parents and/or students will be forced to work at the sweatshop until they repay every last cent of the cost spent to educate the child, PLUS the extra effort in prosecution/conviction/capture/etc. As the parents and students are convicted of a crime the district has a right to force them to work. If they for some reason cannot be forced to work they are transferred to adult prisons and forced to work there.

I'm not sure if this system is even legal or how it would be implemented, but I like this idea.