Friday, March 2, 2007

Corps of Engineers

New Orleans Sues the Corps

This lawsuit is very interesting. I think there's a very low probability of money ever reaching the victims (Congress will never appropriate the money), but I don't think the lawsuit is a waste. Here's why: during the discovery phase, thousands of documents will be subpoenaed and the Corps will be forced to turn over incriminating documents. I'll bet Ivor is chomping at the bit. He's already probably parked on River Road with a U-Haul and a forklift just waiting to get inside.

Among the documents will be design memos, early revision drawings, soil samples (that's that I'm most interested in), and seals. Whenever a change is made on a project, a document with an official seal from the engineer taking responsibility for the change must be produced.

Sample Seal:

I think the documents will lay out a case for negligent homicide so clearly that even Easy Eddie can convict someone (and that's saying quite a lot). I think someone will finally be held accountable for their failures. More than just firing the most convenient scapegoat.


Tim said...

Looking for design data? It's posted on the Internet at the IPET web page.

Click on the folder Pre-Katrina and start surfing!



Clay said...

I have seen that website. It's got a lot, but not all of it.