Tuesday, March 27, 2007

WDSU Report

Something I've previously blogged about has made the news.

On WDSU this morning, they showed clips of the following you tube video.

It turns out I wasn't the only one watching the video. The FBI was also watching. They're going through the video and identifying convicted felons. Hmmm, if you're a convicted felon, it's probably not a good idea to wave a handgun or an AK-47 around. They can put you in jail for a long, long time for just possession of a firearm. And you were kind enough to give them the evidence. Crime fighting from a cubicle! Now there's something even Warren Riley can do!

Unfortunately, WDSU no longer has their news clip on their website, otherwise I'd include the link. The video also included some Arnie Fielkow's reaction to watching the You Tube videos. He had the basic, "oh, it's so horrible children could be watching this" reaction.

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