Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Don't blog on too many national scandals, but this was pretty amazing.

So, a pedophilia scandal sweeps Capital Hill, everyone speculates on who might be involved, Larry Craig issues a denial (just to be on the safe side)... What year is it?

The title sort of gives it away...

In the words of Jeanette Maier, "Do you really think [Vitter] became a trick when he went to DC!?!?"... Larry Craig has had secrets to hide for years... Mark Foley gave really creepy speeches about congressional pages... Lest you think I'm being partisan, everyone knew about Morial and while few people know O.T. was a crook, lots of people knew he had a gambling problem. AND NOBODY IN THE MEDIA EVER DECIDED TO GET OFF THEIR FAT, LAZY ASS AND INVESTIGATE! Could it be that certain members of the media have mistresses? Like a certain star at a certain local TV station that is now giving WWL a run for its money... I'd say more, but then I might get sued (or at least kicked in the balls by a certain anchor's wife).

My point is the "Tribune of the People" is asleep at the wheel/passed out drunk/hiding behind the skirts of hookers/peeing in their pants in fear (circle all that apply). Pathetic. That's the REAL reason bloggers are so popular.

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