Monday, September 24, 2007

Movie Review: Idiocracy

I just discovered that Mike Judge (the dude behind Bevis and Butthead, King of the Hill and Office Space) created another movie. I didn't know about it because the studio (Fox) didn't spend 1 penny on advertising. In fact, they tried to kill the project at every turn. I liked Judge's stuff, so I decided to give Idiocracy a try.

The movie is loosely based on The Marching Morons, but it also covers corporatism and American pop culture as well.

Here's the opening:

When I watched it, you could tell they had a genius concept on their hands, but Fox (being Fox) did everything in their power to kill the project from the moment they were handed the first script. The movie is pretty low-budget and it shows. Painfully, sometimes. The movie isn't very tight and could use a better editor. The whole movie is also a bit short. All in all, it's a great concept that was successfully killed by Fox. The skewering that Fox News gets, though, almost makes up for it.

It's worth a rent. If you've got Netflix, definitely add it to your list. Wouldn't buy it, though. The quality just isn't there.

Here's a pro's take on Idiocracy.

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sales said...

i purchased Idiacracy and have watched it numerous times... still funny. there are a lot of little details that are embedded in the movie that are straight up hilarious.