Friday, February 8, 2008


The current season of The Wire is all about the press' abdication of reposibility to society. Well, here are a couple examples that have been a pebble in my shoe:

Journalists are drooling morons when it comes to science stories. I'll bet there aren't 2 writers and NO editor on any newspaper staff in the country that can explain ANY of the 3 following terms: the Scientific Method, the Second Law of Thermodynamics, a Gaussian distribution.

Here are some journalists showing some balls. Oops. Sorry. 60 Minutes chickened out at the last minute.

This one I hesitate to even mention, because even bad journalists aren't this bad. Don't betray your heritage by voting for Barak "Muslim Fundamentalist" Obama Someone actually published this bullshit. They later retracted it, but the damage was done. I have a suggestion for Obama: finance the rest of your campaign with winnings from libel lawsuits. There are dumb people with so much money lying around it's a fire hazard. Do them a favor and take some of it off their hands.

Bad Journalist!

You write poop, you deserve a mouthful of it!


adross9 said...

Don't throw all journalists under the bus just because 60 minutes isn't hard hitting anymore and because of some crackpot from Ottawa, KS, a podunk backwards town 26 miles from where I type now at KU. There are good journalists out there just as there are bad journalists. Generalizations based on a few bad apples don't help anyone.

Clay said...

Eh, I'm not throwing them all under the bus. Just point out a few members of the press that deserve to wash dishes for the rest of their lives.

Clay said...

On second thought, they deserve a mouthful of shit, not washing dishes.