Friday, June 13, 2008

Follow ups to previous posts

My Super Sweet 16 Lands Daddy in Slammer. Well, his legal troubles have continued. Damn near getting into a gun fight with a court clerk trying to serve your subpoena isn't going to help matters. Here's an update from ABC News.

Tony Amato being run out of KCMO Schools? He ended up resigning. He was messing with certain people's 'cash flows.' I honestly feel for him. He isn't completely flawless (here's an article critical of his tenures at various school boards), but he was honest, hardworking, and was unafraid to turn over applecarts. I with him the best in whatever his next endeavor is. He'd make a great successor to Vallas when he moves on. He knows the system, but after his horrible experience he had in NOPS, I doubt he'd want the job.

UPDATE- Corps Shenanigans. Looks like the MWI pumps are back in the news. The Army's Inspector General cleared the purchasing process on the pumps. Maybe they should get these auditors on the case. Also doesn't answer why the operators are STILL worried about the pumps leaking hydraulic fluid.

Many moons ago, the Times-Pic published an unsourced article alleging bribery involving Una Anderson. Una was up by double digits in the polls before the article. She ended up losing by a slim majority. A lot of voters who liked Una voted for her opponent (just to be on the safe side) because of the article. I'll admit that I'm among that group of voters. I have to say, though, that I haven't heard a peep out of Letten in regards to Una. Hmmm... I wonder if the Times-Picayune editorial staff could use some investigating and dragonslaying.

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Dambala said...

you'd think Tony would've learned the first time not to fuck with a bloated budget, huh?

I would love to read his resume now. :)