Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Difference...

Asked what the gravest threat to the economy is:

"Radical Islamic extremism."

"Our energy policy ... demand is clearly outstripping supply."

One gets it. The other doesn't even try.


jeffrey said...

Gasp! But the yelling.... what about the yelling?

eporter said...

So what's all the talk about further taxing oil companies. This costs will eventually flow down to the consumer. The biofuel industry is blaming high taxes for several of their plants going bankrupt (although, it's actaully not a very economic business, but it sure does sound good). Did you check out what VA is trying to do with offshore drilling?

Clay said...

The biggest things killing biodiesel are the following:

1- No market for glycerine byproduct. Glycerine used to be a valuable commodity in it's own right. Useful in making explosives, for example. Biodiesel plants have flooded the market.

2- Feedstocks. Not enough and too high demand.

3- Financing. In case you haven't heard, a lot of businesses are on the verge of going under, thanks to indigestion from Bush's "Ownership Society."