Sunday, January 24, 2010

News and Notes, Sports Edition - 24 Jan 2010

A few things to read while waiting for Brett Favre's retirement party:

N'awlins Mawlins. Horrible nickname. Not an entirely bad idea.

UNO deals with budget cuts by dropping sports, conference. UNO pulls out of Sun Belt. LSU is happy, especially with their new jock-only $15 million tutoring center. UNO poached a lot of their prime baseball recruits under the Smoke Laval-era. UNO has even beat Tulane quite a few times the last few years. UNO was just starting up a football program...

Bushrod will have Brees' back. We'll see. Here's to pulling a TE to help out. OTOH, Jared Allen is a world-class fuckup. I wouldn't be at all surprised if he gets shitfaced drunk the night before the game, shows up hungover and pukes on the Mardi Grass before passing out from "dehydration" in the middle of the game.

Here's to lots of New Orleans marching band-inspired Crunked-ness:

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