Monday, January 25, 2010

Saints Reaction Roundup

My hangover is not as bad as this guys is going to be

Up early. Had so much to drink I woke up early and couldn't go back to bed.

Times-Pic headline:


Drew Brees sort of looks like he's crying on the cover photo.

Saints, New Orleans share success

Maitri notes that a single football fan in the middle of cornfields DOES make a sound. Scare the horseys much?

This is the way we live

Who Dat in the Superbowl.


There are going to be lots of ugly babies around town in 9 months.

Brett Favre has a job after retirement: inspecting the roof of the Superdome while on his back.


Heard "Stand Up and Get Crunk" blasting from the Hermes bar at Antoine's. It's a whole new world.

A few hangover-clouded thoughts from me:
* Both teams really hated each other. They were knocking the crap out of each other on every play. Both Brees and Favre took some blows, but Favre took an epic beatdown during the game and came back for more each time (but not without showing the wear and tear).
* This win is for Ashley Morris, Bora, and all the other long-suffering Saints local fans that we want to reach out and hug, but can't.
* Two consecutive years in a row, Farve has blown an NFC championship game with an INT, in fact, that's the last play in both years. He (appropriately) hold the All-Time record for INT's. Maybe the media could remember that little fact when they slober all over Favre.
* Big fuck yous to Fox and company. Instead of giving us a good NOLA musician, you incestuously cross promote us some talentless fuck from your crappy show. You inflict Joe Buck on us. Ugh. Stick to sucking during baseball season.
* The biggest fuck you you fucking fucks of all to all those souless pricks who shat on the city when we were down. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS!

What about you fucks that don’t want to rebuild NOLA because we’re below sea level. Well, fuckheads, then we shouldn’t have rebuilt that cesspool Chicago after the fire, that Sodom San Francisco after the earthquakes, Miami after endless hurricanes, or New York because it’s a magnet for terrorists.

And fuck Kansas, Iowa, and your fucking tornados.

Fuck you, San Antonio. You aren’t getting our Saints. When I get to the Alamo, I’m taking a piss on it. You probably go to funerals and hit on the widow. Classless fucks.

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Leigh C. said...

Still can't get over this one. The kids at my son's school'll be going completely berserk today. Who knows if all the other hangover addled adults will be able to deal. Wow. Just lots of WOW.