Sunday, January 24, 2010

Voting begins for Mayor 2010

Political Flyers
Collection of political pamphlets.

Today is the first day of early voting for the mayor's race (along with Assessor, City Council, etc.). One big piece of news: The Times-Picayune Editorial Board has endorsed Mitch Landrieu for Mayor. Wow, I'll bet that must have been painful for some of them to do. Also, if you'll look through the pamphlets at the top, one of them notes that Leslie Jacobs has endorsed Mitch. He's got the Mitch-mentum.

One other observation I have about the election:
Assessor Sign on Abandoned Building
Assessor sign on abandoned building

There are a bunch of political signs on abandoned buildings. I don't like this. Especially the ginormous 5' x 10' signs. I ESPECIALLY don't like this for assessors. It says to me, "I'll keep the property taxes so low, these properties will NEVER be put back into commerce." I haven't seen a single Janis Lemle or Mitch Landrieu sign on an abandoned building.

Here's my Flickr set of some of the NOLA Election signs around town. There are some areas of town much more represented than others, because if I'm driving, I don't want to be taking photos at the same time. For example, I've got lots of Uptown (sliver-by-the-river) Jay Batt signs, but no other signs in his district. The Mid-City part of District A is covered in anti-Jay Batt signs. Half of the Jay Batt signs Uptown are actually not in his district.

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