Saturday, February 6, 2010

Congratulations, Mitch!

We'll see how the down-ballot votes go, but so far, congratulations Mr. Landrieu.

You won outright majorities every way you break it down: black, white, male, female, Uptown, Downtown. You're the only thing other than the Saints that the entire city has gotten behind.

Good job, Mitch and good job, New Orleans.

UPDATE- NY Times writeup. With a nice little jab at Jefferson Parish in there.

UPDATE 2- The Mitch-mentum came through in a total repudiation of everything Nagin.

My favorite quote:

So the Mayor's race is decided. New Orleans is a predominantly black city with a white mayor-elect, a Vietnamese-American U.S. Representative, and a state governor of Indian descent. Gumbo coalitions, baby.

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