Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lombardi Gras 2010

Wow, it was cold, cold, cold last night. Lots of wind and I got hungry waiting on the parade. All that being said, I watched the Lombardi trophy go past New Orleanians packed shoulder to shoulder packed 15-20 deep the entire route. The traffic snarl was epic and almost none of my photos came out well, but here's a few.
This is 3 hours before the parade arrives at Poydras and St. Charles
Hargrove adjusting his boot
Hargrove adjusting his boot

One of the coolest ideas was to grab the Muses shoe for Morstead, Hartley and Jason Kyle (? Long snapper):
Muses Shoe
Ticker Tape and NOLA at Night

One final thought: Someone was carrying around a sign calling for renaming Lee Circle "Brees Circle". I like that idea.


Leigh C. said...

The kickers on the Muses shoe was indeed inspired.

jeffrey said...

I got a picture of the Brees Circle sign but I haven't uploaded it yet. Most of pictures are kind of crappy too.

Clay said...

Look forward to seeing the Brees Circle sign.

That would be incredibly popular city-wide, but it would piss off the Ashton O'Dwyer crowd.

Let's do it!

jeffrey said...

Here ya go