Sunday, October 21, 2007

Project Truck Update

Well, I've been busy in the garage on the weekends. Here's what's been going on.

Replaced the battery (Duralast 24DL) and one of the terminals:

Something is draining the battery and I haven't gotten a chance to figure out what it is yet. It's going to take some time because of how messy the wires are.

Changed the oil (5 quarts, Penzoil 10W-30), oil filter (Fram DH5), and air filter (14"):

I've also replaced the windshield wipers (13" length).

Discovered a problem:

Gasoline leak! I'm going to remove that gas tank (it's inside the cab!) and move it to the bed. That is a high priority project, now.

I'm also trying to figure out what the hell this is:

It's a switch on the dead pedal. No idea what it's for. Haven't had a chance to trace the wires yet.

Also, I emailed photos and a description of my truck to Stovebolt. My truck will be alongside other, much prettier project trucks. Eventually, it will be as nice as one of the trucks on Stovebolt.

To Do soon:
* Replace gas tank
* Refill radiator and redo radiator hoses
* Replace spark plugs
* Bleed brakes, replace DOT 3 fluid with DOT 4
* Acquire and install 17" steering wheel

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Anonymous said...

To troubleshoot the battery drain, pull out and put back in each fuse individually and see which one sparks.