Monday, October 15, 2007

Random - 15 October 2007

Al Gore won the Nobel Peace prize. Also, the 2007 Ignoble Awards are out.

MIT kids are up to their old pranks.

Lazy Ass Nation. Long, hard-hitting social commentary. Money quote: Teddy Roosevelt, in a 1917 letter, weighed in thusly: "The things that will destroy America are … the love of soft living and the get rich quick theory of life."

Creators of The Wire want next show in NOLA. They say it's going to be about the lives of musicians. Yipee!

Violent weekend leaves 6 dead. Anybody have any clue what the butcher's bill is for the year? I'm almost sure we're at or near 200. I lost count in the 170's. But, don't worry, C-Ray, Eddie Jordan, and Warren Riley are on the problem...

How are Americans continuing to fuel their consumer spending now that they can't use their houses as ATMs and their credit cards are maxed out? By using the only significant source of savings in the country left [401(k)'s]. Maybe more Americans should watch this video. Another way to improve the US economy: increase SEC oversight. Too bad that's anathema to our politicians (whose pockets are lines with bribes, err, "campaign contributions").

Shipping container houses. The solution to New Orleans' housing crisis? New Orleans is a major port and thousands are left on America's shore every year (a legacy of our huge trade deficit to China).

Eat shit or die. Literally. Americans GI tracts are seriously deficient of beneficial bacteria.

Unions on the rise. Thanks to an honest(!) labor leader.

Ode to the Chevy Small Block V8.

Last but not least: Saints win!


Leigh C. said...

The above is a nifty site I found about container homes - even a container hotel!

Glad to see you and yours at the film this past Saturday!

Clay said...

I really enjoyed the revised Left Behind. I was at the original screening. They really tightened up the ending. The they didn't really lose anything (just compressed it).

As soon as it comes out on DVD, I'm buying a bunch of copies and mailing them all across the country.