Monday, October 22, 2007

Saturday's Election

Here are my thoughts on the races and results:

Gov.- Pretty much what we expected.

Lt. Gov.- "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for Mitch" got more votes than our governor.

Secretary of State- Dardenne has, on the whole, done a decent job. He got my vote.

Attorney General- There was no way in hell I was voting for Foti, given the Dr. Pou incident. Dr. Pou is a family friend and, while I haven't read the documents released today (yet), her reputation is impeccable. I remember Royal Alexander for trying to cover up Mark Foley's little boy-fucking when he was Rodney Alexander's Chief of Staff. No vote for you. I don't know too much about "Buddy" Caldwell, other than how he has a hard on for Edwin Edwards. Given the other choices, he had my vote.

Comish of Ag.- Bob Odom is a crooked fucker and needs to go. End of story. Strain was my pick.

Comish of Insurance- Donelon has done a passable job. He hasn't been a particularly hard-worker, but he's gotten it done when we really needed it.

Criminal Judge-
Judge, Criminal District Court, Section A
442 of 442 precincts reporting
Click here for Results by Precinct
18,121 26% Juana Marine Lombard, D -
8,874 13% Morris Reed, D -
2,810 4% Joseph A. Rome, D -
7,814 11% Donald A. Sauviac, Jr., R -
3,753 5% Gary Wainwright, G -
16,962 25% Laurie White, D -
10,053 15% Gaynell Williams, D

One person on this list, who shall remain anonymous because he didn't make the runoff, once sold cocaine to an acquaintance (NOT a friend) of mine. Another one is one of Eddie Jordan's top assistants. She didn't make the runoff, either. I voted for the green party dude just for being different.

City Council at Large- I voted for Tommie Vassel, but I was thinking about Malcom Suber up to the moment I went in the booth. Suber has been a man of action, which is the most important thing in leadership. Oyster's comments on Vassel put me over the top on him.

Who to vote for next? For City Council, I'm actually considering voting for Cynthia because I think she'll get indicted and we'll have yet another election. I guess that makes me a "strategic voter" like Couhig... Ugh. Who am I kidding. I'm friends with Clarkson's niece, so she's got my vote in the runoff.

Orleans Parish results here. One of the things that really caught my eye was the Orleans Parish turnout. Only about 75,000 voters. The Times-Pic was predicting around 100,000 voters the day before the election. This might suggest that the population figures on the city are lower than are being touted... We shall see.

All in all, I think Saturday's election was a step in the right direction. We've got to get rid of some bad politicians, have a chance at unseating more, and the replacement crowd was generally better than what they were replacing. I'm still worried about that turnout number, though.


Leigh C. said...

The turnout number really ticks me off. Like nobody knew there was an election. Couldn't see the polls for all the signs up on the neutral grounds. Yeah, right.

Are folks really that apathetic around these parts? Sad, sad...

mominem said...

I think the low turnout is a result of the Hobbesian choices offered in many races.

Orleans voters were particularly conflicted by the choices between a bunch of unfamiliar white guys and a brown Republican.

I can't say I was all that enthusiastic about anything.

Anonymous said...

Royal Alexander didn't cover up a damn thing for Mark Foley. It was Royal Alexander and Congressman Rodney Alexander who finally put a stop to it. You haven't a clue what you are talking about. the behavior had been going on for ten years prior to Royal's arrival. Royal notified the house leadership on four seperate ocassions. the only thing you said that is correct is that Buddy Caldwell has a hard on for Edwin Edwards. I will add that he is slightly harder for Eddie Jordan, about whose extraordinary incompetence Caldwell "doesn't know".