Monday, August 25, 2008

Ed Blakely, you complete me

This post is dedicated to the inspiration for this year's Rising Tide theme (Cranes on the Skyline).

Recently, we've learned Ed Blakely has an inflated resume, he goes out of his way to demolish homes for no apparent reason (raising suspicions about his motivations), and is too busy idolizing drug dealers to answer his phone

Could we have the keys to Blakely's secret identity?

E has an alternate theory about the outburst. Did Blakely just get a shank in the back from Nagin (I was going to do another crappy photoshop job, but I decided the image of Blakely and Nagin in a prison shower should never be contemplated).


Schroeder said...

Here's a perfectly terrifying thought: I wonder if there's video of mini me shagging with Ray Ray, and if that's why Ray can't fire him. said...
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