Sunday, August 31, 2008

Safe from Gustav

After initially wanting to ride out the storm, we decided to hit the road. We took late Saturday and dropped my car off on the northshore before heading up I-12 to I-55 to North Mississippi.

Some of the signs have been shut down before the wind even shows up

UPDATE- One big difference from Katrina- buses evacuating nursing home patients and others.

UPDATE- Lots of traffic.
We averaged 35 mph on I-55 until we got to Mississippi and then it picked up slowly.

Once we got north of Jackson, we were finally able to hit the speed limit. We to our destination in North Mississippi a little after midnight.

We decided to get all the way out of the storm. Candice and I are safe in North Mississippi. We're hanging out way in the country. Blogging might be a little slow, but I'll be busy typing things up and I'll dump them when I get to a connection. I can use Twitter with my phone, so you can follow me on that. Susie is enjoying the country:

Stay safe and see y'all back in New Orleans in a few days.

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Leigh C. said...

So glad you guys are safe! Be well and take care.