Sunday, April 1, 2007

Crime Mapping - 1 April

Updated 2007 Crime Map
Unfortunately, this is no April Fool's Joke

I did crime mapping with religious fervor from August 2006 to February of this year, and then it's sort of tailed off. It got sort of depressing and I got busy at work, so I just let it slide.

Well, I went to the Geek Dinner last night, met a bunch of people who were pretty impressed by it, so I decided to update it.

Today, I woke up, made a huge pot of coffee, put in a Bush CD and just started rolling. I went on a caffeine and angry-music fueled crime mapping rampage.

Download Google Earth file.

UPDATE- Damn, only a fraction of the updates are showing up. Here's another post of the KML file. Open it in Google Earth to get the good stuff.

After doing this latest crime map, I believe Riley, et. al. have lost whatever thread of control on the situation they may have had. We need to shove it in their face. I would like to start putting together animated You Tube videos using narrations of crime reports. If you've got a good narrator's voice, please shoot me an email. I'll send you a script, you read it, send me back the audio file and then I'll whip up a video.

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JohnnyB said...


Keep up the good work. I'm so glad you are doing this service for the people of Louisiana