Monday, April 2, 2007

More Murders

I update my mapping and then there's a huge wave of violence. I think I double counted one or two murders, but a quick (or at least as quickly as can be done, given the HUGE number of murders) gives me the following totals:
* 8 on the West Bank
* 1 in the Lower 9th (+ 1 Justifiable Homicide)
* 7 in N.O. East (+ 1 Justifiable Homicide)
* 4 in Hollygrove/Black Pearl
* 2 in Irish Channel/LGD (+ 1 Justifiable Homicide)
* 8 in Central City
* 29 in Treme/7th Ward/(everything between Canal and the Industrial Canal).

I'd be nice if someone double checked my efforts, but that gives me a total of:

59 Murders*

* +3 Justifiable Homicides

Crime WILL go up as the weather gets warmer. Bet on it. Things will get far worse before they get better.

UPDATE- And another murderer goes free...

If someone could go in and double check the neighborhood by neighborhood tally, that would be extremely helpful. I might have double counted the markers in Treme. Don't forget there are a few double homicides in there.


Leigh C. said...

Tried to tell you on your Sunday post, but you're doing a great thing with the crime mapping. You need to join forces with Maitri sometime.

I'd do the recording of what you want read, but I have no way to do it and send it back as an audio file.

I'm a baaaad blogger. 8-(

da po' boy said...

I get 53 murders for 2007, including the five in April. I've been going by NOPD press releases, tv, and newspaper reports.

From those, I only count five murders on the West Bank, but I can't guarantee that I caught every report and the NOPD doesn't put out press releases for every murder.

Nora said...

Whoever would have thought we would be having problem even getting the murder count. I have come up with 55, but I could have missed a few.
Clay you are doing an excellent job with the maps, please keep it up. And I also would be glad to help with the narration if I can figure out how to do an audio file.