Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Murder Pool

The Crime and Safety forum is a good place to find reports of shootings that don't get reported on the news. There are a lot of disgruntled NOPD taking out their frustration there. Here's one of the most shocking recent threads. It's their "Murder Pool." Guess how many murders there will be by the end of the year...

Sneaky Birdie 258
Punisher 240
Ops 300
Critter 299
JoeHopeless 225
Watchout 365
57936 190
fantastic 423
Flossy 275
DirectDeposit 317
sdmoretti 329
Loyola 325
Paul 315
1vande 232
Waupee 321.5
bodyaid 293
LAPerson 344
Cat55 304
jimzak 225
nolanative 323
allfedup 216
kmsoap 283
chitownwave 217
RueRoyal2 266
OWW 285
Oldpops53 253

About 25% of those handles are for NOPD officers. What's your guess? I'm going to be an "optimist" and say 229. That will be only a little bit more than a 40% increase in murder.

UPDATE- Oyster 223
UPDATE2- Adam 205


oyster said...

That's totally tasteless. I can't believe you are highlighting and participating in a "murder pool". These are people's lives you're talking about here, not some contest.


Put me down for 223.

oyster said...

Not 233! I wrote 223!! Change it, dammit!

What do you think I am, some sort of heartless prick? 233 would be a city gone out of control, whereas 223 is much more encouraging.

Clay said...

Got it.