Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bucket of Baseballs

It's August and baseball is pretty much the only game in town. Couple of links to peruse between innings:

Scott Boras for Commissioner of Baseball? He'd be better than Bud Selig.

Baseball Prospectus: Give Fehr his due. The relative popularity of Fehr and his NFL counterpart, the late Gene Upshaw, ran in inverse proportion to how good each man was at his job of representing the athletes in their charge.

Hardest throwing pitcher of all time? Some incredible factoids in the article:

- In high school, he had an 18-strikeout, 18-walk no-hitter.

Now THAT would be a game to watch.

Little leaguers visiting Dr. James Andrews. Not good. Some pretty bad parents, too.

Baseball cards about to finally disappear? New marketing agreement might do them in for good.

A safer batting helmet, but will they wear it? Standing in a batter's box with someone like Rich Harden in the mound can be a scary experience.

Mets vow not to shave until they reach .500 It's going to be a LONG season in New York.


Tim said...

"Mets vow not to shave until they reach .500" Ha ha. Good luck with that.

Although I recall when Len Dykstra played for the Mets he would wear "lucky socks" for as long as he had a hitting streak. That is, he would wear them every game without washing.

No wonder they traded him to Philly!!



Leigh C. said...

My poor Mets. Even if all I'm doing these days is "rooting for laundry".

Oh, and good recent baseball reading: John Feinstein's "Living On The Black", about Tom Glavine and Mike Mussina during the 2007 season.

Thinking of the Mets, though, makes me wanna go hunt down "The Bad Guys Win!" again...


hey clay , hope you are well.

just wanted to add this to your next news roundup in case you havent seen it yet.

p.s. your round ups should be required reading for every one in south louisiana.

Clay said...


If you go down to the 9 August roundup, it's there under the "Port Fourchon still vulnerable" article (AP story, not Chron).



like zombie you are way ahead of the msm news curve.

i just read this online today.

no wonder it rang a bell.